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WE LOVE KIDS!  Very few things bring joy to a room like a 0-5 year old kiddo.  So much energy, so much wonder.  We take very seriously the opportunity to partner with you, the parents in the Proverbs 22:6 mandate to train up a child.

We do not currently have a lot of children in this age group, and we encourage families to feel welcome to have these kiddos in the worship service with us.  We have some Kids Connections Activity Boxes" near the sound booth, to help your kiddos interact with the message that is being shared from the pulpit each week.  For those moments, that you feel your kiddo is being too restless for your comfort, we have a very well equipped nursery as well as a nursing/cry room that you can use.  Our livestream will even allow you to stay engaged in the service while you are in there.

Are you interested in more information about our nursery or how you can help minister in this area?  Shoot an email in the form below and I will get back to you.

Marci Bogle - GC Nursery Director

Thanks! Message sent.

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300 N Ash Ave. - Valley Center, KS 67147 - 316-755-1855

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