The gsmCAFE is the center hub for the Grace Student Mnistries level at Grace Connections.  This is currently our main teaching area and hangout.  We named it the gsmCAFE because it is set up "Cafe" style with small tables as well as some "hightop" tables.  We encourage students to come in after school on gsmWEDNESDAY and hangout, work on homework, grab a snack and drink from our concessions.  Our goal here is to make this a place where you want to be, a warm welcome place to fellowship, rest, and play.  Just across from the gsmCAFE we have 2 other hangout spots, the gsmGAMEROOM and the gsmBALLROOM.  Both are setup to be ACTIVE.  Being a Christ-Follower isnt boring and if we are going to be blessed with a facility, well it isn't going to be boring either.  We also use funds from the concession sales to help us cover the cost of our activities, so a purchase here is an investment into our ministry...and our prices are better than the convenience stores.


Do you have more questions about the gsmCAFE or other facilities?  Shoot us a message below.

300 N Ash Ave. - Valley Center, KS 67147 - 316-755-1855