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Joe has always been a very hard worker. While going to college full-time, he also started working full-time when his wife was pregnant with their first. He graduated with a dual major in Anthropology and Biology. As the years went by Joe started having health issues and they just kept getting worse. By his early 30s he wasn't able to work. Having 2 kids and a third on the way, things hit bottom. He was diagnosed with full body tourette's syndrome. He suffers with essential tremors, daily pain, abdominal issues, and bunions/bone spurs. His hopes and dreams of providing a life for his family was shattered. He suffers from depression as a result of this. We are trying to make enough money to start a new treatment that could help give him his life back. Thank you for your help. Joe has a beautiful family who needs him back to himself.



AUGUST 12th 11a-3p


Fundraising Goal: $2,500

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